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Damn that’s a 7 hour Drive for me from New York. And I thought New Jersey was far. I’m surprised to see Kyoko here but it is also a relief! Yes Reiko! Your Training is not yet complete! New Lessons and hardships to overcome! Confronting this head on is the next best step to overcoming your fears of this demon! Perhaps she will find a solution to controlling it or reaching a mutual partner ship like Naruto did with Kyuubi.

I really like this comic, but why is it the character’s asses and thighs just keep getting fatter and fatter and fatter but the arms and upper torso (aside from the massive chests) just all stay the same, smaller style? It’s looks like they only work out the upper half and the lower half looks like it was cropped off some morbidly obese characters that are bed ridden and don’t move then pasted onto a tiny upset body and head so it looks down right weird. It looked so much better when the artist wasn’t trying to copy Las Lindas chunky-chubby-thunder-fat-thighs style. It really looked better at the start.